Emerging Market Views is a single-topic news platform offering interviews, insights, exclusive videos and opinions on the world’s emerging and frontier markets. We aim to be a credible and engaging platform for global investors and for the enthusiasts and curious among us.

We view the emerging markets in a broader context and adopt no political stance or tendency. In effect, we work to bring together the voices of those dealing in or looking to do business within the markets of the continuously developing world.

Emerging Market Views was founded by an experienced financial journalist and producer that has extensively researched and reported on the various emerging markets‎ and their respective economies. The firm is headquartered in New York City and produces journalism globally.

Maintaining the momentum of coverage on these regions, a genuine curiosity and passion to bring forth relevant stories from the world’s emerging economies are just a few reasons why Emerging Market Views became a reality. We know and understand the heightened interest in the emerging markets and our platform will aim to address the most relevant issues of interest while offering insightful and actionable insights.

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