Brazillionaires: Wealth, Power, Excess & Corruption Collide

Brazil, the world’s fifth-largest country and host of the 2016 Rio Summer Olympics, is trudging along through what many would consider extraordinary times. Modern Brazil is rife with ups and downs, despair and flair. Political and economic turmoil are now commonplace, making its rise and current fall all the more fascinating.

Alex Cuadros, a journalist, and author who lived in Brazil covering the “billionaires” of Brazil for Bloomberg News is one the best in the field today to put the current situation of the South American country in a clear and deeply reported perspective. From its rise to a star emerging market to a now broadly labeled “corrupt” country with an impeachment trial of Dilma Rouseff in the works, Brazil is today a story of wealth, excess, corruption and shock as the world and financial markets wonder what’s next.


Speaking with many of Brazil‘s elite and billionaire class, Cuadros uncovers not only the human side to these individuals, but the diversity among them and the tactics in how they gained and for many, maintain their staggering wealth. At whose expense, and for how much? And how, exactly? These are questions posed and answered by Cuadros through highly skilled reporting, a relentless pursuit of the “story” behind the media moguls, old-money families, commodity businessmen and even those who would prefer to keep their stories of decadence and power-grabbing to themselves. Cuadros finds them, uncovers them and draws clear parallel’s between this “class” and the greater population of this teeming country–particularly those of the so-called “favelas”–where hope seems to continue along with a stark reality of day-to-day life in modern Brazil.

Brazilionaires is a well-rounded, well-reported and passionate look into today’s Brazil. One that brings its past into clear context with the power and determination keeping the billionaire class of the country at the top, while the nation continues slipping further away from its once elevated perch among emerging markets.