UPDATE: We’ve Updated Our Privacy Policy

At Emerging Market Media we are fully committed to respecting the privacy of our site visitors, subscribers and clients. Privacy is a fundamental human right and as a US-based business we work to respect and protect it to the utmost extent.

The updated text below (policy addendum) explains in a little more detail exactly when and why we collect personal information about the individuals who visit our website, sign up to our newsletters, attend our events and other Member exclusives.

Detailed below is how we use this data and how keep it secure.


When you sign up/subscribe to one of our newsletters, join as a Member, or attend a company or brand event, Emerging Market Media will utilize what we collect to allow us to carry out and fulfill this specific request. This information will typically include a first and surname, an active email address, company affiliation and location (country/province/state).

You may in some instances be invited to submit additional information about yourself, but this is always and will remain completely at your /the user/subscriber/member/ discretion.

We will store your information either until you unsubscribe (there will always be an option to opt-out in every email sent out) or if you have not opened an email from us within a 12-month period.


We use a secure and compliant third-party software (Campaign Monitor) platform to help us process data submitted to Emerging Market Media and any of its subsidiaries.


We collect information about traffic flows to websites owned by Emerging Market Media (for example, Emerging Market Views, the firms flagship editorial product), using Google Analytics, which is a web analytics tool that helps the company better understand how visitors/users engage with our website.

We use this information solely to help us improve our website(s) and the user experience that it provides. This information is aggregated, anonymized and strictly confidential. Emerging Market Media cannot access personal information such as IP addresses.

For protection, Emerging Market Media’s main and owned/operated websites are SSL certified.


Addendum effective as of June 10, 2018.