Paul Christopher, Head Global Markets Strategist, Wells Fargo Investment Institute

Emerging market equity and local-currency bond returns–including the Republic of India’s–generally have disappointed US investors over the past three years. For a closer look at the reasons behind the underperformance and to guide investors for what may lie ahead, Paul Christopher (CFA), head global markets strategist for Wells Fargo’s Investment Institute recently traveled to India. This trip was not his first and his takeaways both now and in the past have offered pointed insights on the Indian economy and its potential.

Discussing current risk factors, US Fed action and its implications on India, Christopher spoke to Emerging Market Views while in New York recently. View our exclusive for his key takeaways on India, its economy and its impact on the second largest population in the world. Having consulted for various governments throughout his career, Christopher knows and understands the nuances and complexities facing emerging economies, more so that of India–a nation he has visited on multiple occasions.